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Styles Suited for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and it has us craving sandal season, summery prints, and breezy dresses. We’ve been especially drawn to blue + white stripes (surprise!), one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder styles, and bow slide sandals. See below for our top picks from May 2017:

Blue + White Stripes

Bow Slides

These Sam & Libby bow slides from Target are just $24.99! They come in 3 colors: Black, Taupe, and Blue & White Stripe. We are also loving these Sam Edelman Henna Bow Slide Sandals.

Banana Republic Sale Selection
We casually swung by the mall on Saturday to grab a bite at Ruscello at Nordstrom. Afterwards, we spotted a sign outside of Banana Republic touting a 50% off sale (on sale items; 40% on regularly priced merchandise). I suggested we stay out (seriously!) but the husband had other plans.

The result? We each found 3+ items that fit perfectly and help fill gaps in our wardrobes. There were several other pieces the caught our eye, but we didn’t pull the trigger quite yet. I’ve rounded up some picks that we purchased (or almost purchased):

Nordstrom Triple Points
I don’t know about you, but the news of an upcoming Nordstrom Triple Points day propels me into planning mode. After a great deal of research on summery tops, I present you my top picks:

Since we recently returned from a beach vacay (Big Island, Hawaii – highly recommend!), we’re missing the scenery and the sweet scent of sunscreen and saltwater, bathed in sunshine. To us, Bobbi Brown ‘Beach’ perfume sums up this desirable scent beautifully, and transports one back to their favorite beach with a simple spritz:

Switching gears a bit, spring cleaning has extended beyond the closet and into the rest of the home, too. We’ve been swapping out throw pillows for summery styles, and seeking a master bedroom overhaul in the near future. We’d love your help on headboard selection – see options below!

Home Decor

A few weeks ago I started a search for a new pair of oversized pillows for the sectional in our sunroom. (We’ve had red-white-green plaid pillows since November, and they’re just to
“holiday” to work year-round). Saw these Oversized Banana Leaf Throw Pillows on Target.com, but wasn’t so sure they were right for our needs. After seeing them in-store though, I discovered the quality is much better than it looks in the photographs, and I was sold! We love how this pair of tropical pillows accents our Brown Leather Sectional.

Speaking of pillows, we’re also loving this cheeky reversible “Reserved” Pillow from Pottery Barn. I mean, how darling on an outdoor chaise lounge?!

The next search is for a suitable headboard for our master bedroom. We’re upgrading from a Queen to a King, and our current headboard (which I do love! Similar style here) will no longer fit. We have plans to move it to our headboard-less guest bed instead. I’m drawn to several different styles this time around, and would love your help in determining which route to go! The options (all from Wayfair):

Option 1: Regal
Riviere Upholstered Panel Headboard

Option 2: Dramatic
Crawley Upholstered Wingback Headboard 
Cora Upholstered Wingback Headboard
New Britain Upholstered Wingback Headboard

Option 3: Shabby Chic
Velvet Upholstered Wingback Headboard
Elsa Upholstered Wingback Headboard
Halsey Upholstered Wingback Headboard

Option 4: Leather
Baffin Upholstered Panel Headboard

Option 5: Vintage
Parklan Headboard
Vienna Slat Headboard


J. Crew is for Babies

J. Crew just launched their very fashionable and luxurious line for babies. Because I’m 24 and irresponsible I always joke that if I actually had a baby right now I might forget it in a J. Crew dressing room (I wouldn’t really do this, don’t get offended). But until the day I might become responsible enough to take care of a tiny person, my dream (along with owning my own camel) is to be a baby stylist, and with the launch of this collection that job would pretty much be perfect. So enough about my hopes and dreams. Here are the clothes your baby needs (let’s look past the price tags, even babies need a dream life, KAY?).

Baby’s are snuggly just from being a baby. Imagine how snuggly they would be with a cashmere cardi added! Baby + Cashmere = Supasnuggly.

Collection Cashmere Baby Cardigan via The JCR Girls

Collection Cashmere Baby Cardigan

Start your baby out with some proper hopes and dreams. Even though my mom discourages me by telling me being a sailor is more than wearing cute nautical clothes (and that they don’t actually wear cute nautical clothes) I still think it is a valid dream.

Nature Baby Bib via The JCR Girls

Nature Baby Bibs

Oh my gosh, stop. This pigeon’s name is Pablo. Nobody needs a stuffed pigeon. Unless his name is Pablo and in that case…EVERYONE needs a stuffed pigeon.

Kids' Oeuf Pablo the Pigeon via The JCR Girls

Kids’ Oeuf Pablo the Pigeon

Look how tiny these Sperrys are! Even if you don’t have a baby you should still buy them JUST TO HAVE TINY SPERRYS! Also, I’ve heard sailing is a prevalent hobby of babies these days, so make sure they have the proper attire to participate.

Sperry Top-Sider for Baby via The JCR Girls

Sperry Top-Sider for Baby

Scroll through the widget below for more of our favorites!


Fancy Favorites

Do you use the Fancy app?
Now, it’s no Pinterest or Tumblr, but still highly useful for finding fun, interesting, useful, or just plain fancy things. Overall, some really cool stuff you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Here’s a sampling of the things I fancy:

If you don’t currently use the app, Sign Up for Fancy here.

Gurl, you fancy!


Polished for Fall

Normally I’m totally a proponent of brightening up the colder months with pops of color. But when the temps drop I transition right over to darker nail polishes without hesitation. I also tend to stay pretty true to Essie – see some of my favorites for Fall below.

What are you favorite nail colors for Fall?

October Style Guide Scan

The October Style Guide left me wanting just a bit more, not gonna lie. There were obviously some fabulous pieces and some great ideas for mixing prints, but I didn’t tear out too many pages. And that’s weird for me… I tend to be a hoarder when it comes to torn-out magazine pages. Let’s focus on the positives, shall we?

Double Cloth Coat

The first page that got the cut (in a good way!) featured a fabulous oxblood leather skirt, a peachy rose top, and a bright fuchsia double-cloth coat. I want to wear this outfit every day for the rest of my life. Or just until next month’s style guide gets delivered. You get the idea.


Loved the style tip for monochromatic looks. TEXTURE, people. I’m tired of seeing boring head-to-toe looks. I love me a monochromatic outfit, but there has to be some interest. Texture is the easiest way to add some style points.


NAVY MACALISTERS. Enough said. These will be added to my shoe shelf ASAP. Navy has long been my go-to neutral and I’m loving the recent influx in navy basics.

Speaking of the Macalister… What are your thoughts on the new heel? I’m thinking I’ll stick with the classic wedge!

Overall, I’m loving J.Crew’s take on color for fall. And of course, no one does color and pattern mixing like our beloved. The color-way inter-mixing gives so many ideas of how to mix up your wardrobe this fall. Mints, cobalts, and emeralds. Pinks, oranges, and reds. Mix them up for a fresh spin on the monochromatic look!

Meet our (fabulous) guest blogger, Jessica from Bows & Sequins
Jessica is a twenty-something University of Illinois alum living in New York City. As an avid daytime sequin wearer and gingham shirt collector, her love for the Crew runs deep. She is addicted to Instagram, cutesy cards and stationery, a good leopard print, hot yoga, and glitzy statement jewelry. Jessica writes Bows & Sequins, a fashion-focused lifestyle blog where she shares her daily J.Crew-clad outfits.

Keep up with Jessica on Twitter @bowsandsequins

Crew Collaging

The JCR Girls have always been big fans of collaging.
Back in the day when the J. Crew catalogs circa 2004 would arrive in our mailboxes, we’d anxiously devour the content and then start clipping. Annie, grab your Fiskers!

We’d choose our favorite looks, pieces, accessories and backdrops and then affix them to paper or cardboard to ‘keep forever’ (full disclosure: I just found some in my old desk, so yes clinging to old Crew Collages is real a problem).

Fast-forward to 2012: Today we have digital channels to help us marry our love for J. Crew with our motives to curate, clip and collage. For example: stockpiling all of our favorite ‘clippings’ on Pinterest and pushing them around until they’re perfect on the Bazaart iPad app. Voila!

J. Crew Collage | The JCR Girls - featuring Bazaart
J. Crew Collage | The JCR Girls featuring Bazaart


Make a J. Crew collage (either with our pins or your own) and send it to us!
Either tweet us the image @JCrewReview or tag us on Pinterest or Instagram!




Wear This Not That: Changing Seasons Edition

Ladies, I’m just as much of a die-hard Norts (Nike Running Shorts for you unenlightened few) and sweatpants fan as the next college girl but sometimes it’s just not going to cut it.  You know those days where you choose to throw your hair up into a messy bun, don your brightest pair of running shorts, sneakers, and old t-shirt because you just can’t be bothered to put on anything else (either that, or you try to feign athleticism like I do). Then life decides to put you in sartorial purgatory by running into every mildly cute boy you’ve ever had an inkling of a crush on because, alas, you chose to look like a scrub. These awkward encounters tend to make you curse your lazy outfit choices. #ForeverAlone.

But the J.Crew muses have mercy on our lazy souls and indeed the brand offers easy solutions to looking like the bright, blossoming beauties we really are—even on our most lethargic days.  Before you think jeggings are an acceptable substitute (they’re not) on colder days for your athletic shorts or sweatpants, behold two J.Crew solutions: The Minnie Pant (I’ve seen a similar factory version called the “Winnie Pant”) and the Café Capri.  Slim fitting and stretchy, the Minnie mimics the feel of leggings yet shows the world that you actually care about your appearance.  The Café Capri offers a bit more polish and, in addition to coming in its classic cotton city-fit version, also comes in herringbone, tweed, organza, and wool that are perfect for fall.

MinniePant TweedCapri

However if you, like me, live in one of the warmer parts of the country (holla ATL), you’ll probably want to sport a pair of shorts on the hotter days.  Enter the chino short, boasting enough colors to rival the selection at a Sherwin-Williams.  If that variety isn’t enough for you, J. Crew shorts comes in varying lengths and patterns as well (paisley, stripes, animal print, and even tiki print).  Now really, was it that hard to trade your running shorts for a pair of chinos? No. It wasn’t.


As for the rest of your outfit, you really have all the choices in the world.   While the Café Capris look great with a patent skinny belt, tucked-in blouse and Jackie cardi, I understand that you were looking for an easy solution.  So throw on a casual button down or oversized sweater and call it day. If you’re donning your chino shorts, pair them with a loose tank and a chambray shirt for a laid back look.  And if it’s not too taxing on your sluggish self, throw on a few pieces of jewelry too. The five seconds it takes to do this is so worth the added style it gives to your outfit. See? That wasn’t so difficult.  Now your professor won’t scowl at you for both looking like a bum and being late. Well, maybe just being late. But at least you look cute, right?

Below you’ll find my take on a more laid-back J.Crew look.

Chambray Shirt: J.Crew Factory, Top: ZARA, Café Capris: J.Crew, Shoes: Tory Burch, Jewelry: J.Crew and Laila Rowe, Watch: Michael Kors.


You can follow Julia’s blog at www.tailoredfeast.tumblr.com or find her on Twitter @tailoredfeast.

Investment Pieces // Must Haves

Do you ever open the most recent J. Crew catalog to find it’s filled with dozens of fabulous pieces you wish you could have right now? Or do you peruse JCrew.com, slowly adding “must-haves” to your shopping cart until it gets so expensive you freak out and leave the site before you do any damage?

Of course you do, it happens to the best of us. Rather than feeling discouraged and upset that you cannot have every J. Crew piece that you want right now, try to focus on “investment pieces,” those that will never go out of style and you can keep wearing year after year. That way, you can make small investments over time and feel good (rather than remorseful) about your purchases.

Below are the Investment Pieces on my list, tweet yours to @JCrewReview and we might just add them to this master list!

St. James Striped Tee
J. Crew Review St. James Striped Tee
Leather Handbag
J. Crew Leather Handbag Biennial Satchel in Flame
Perfect Shirt in Gingham
J. Crew Perfect Shirt Gingham + Mini Gingham
Chambray Shirt
J. Crew Chambray Shirt
Blythe Blouse in Silk
J. Crew Blythe Blouse in Silk
No. 2 Pencil Skirt
J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt Black

Matchstick Jean Classic Rinse
J. Crew Denim Classic Rinse Matchstick Jean
Pixie Pant
J. Crew Black Pixie Pant
Cafe Capri
J. Crew Nay Blue Cafe CapriAnkle Stretch Toothpick Jean in White Denim
J. Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in White Denim
Riding Boots
J. Crew Riding Boots
Staple or Statement Ballet Flats
J. Crew Ballet Flats

Staple or Statement Swimsuit
J. Crew Swim Collection
Thanks for reading!

All images are from www.jcrew.com


People on Pinterest Love J. Crew!

It’s true…people on Pinterest love J. Crew.
Or perhaps it relates to the fact that I love Pinterest and J. Crew and the tendency of those I am following to also love J. Crew is extremely high…

But I am gonna go with my gut reaction: People Who Pin Love Their Loafers, Jackies and Matchsticks.

A simple keyword search for “J. Crew” on Pinterest yields thousands of results. And the best part? You get a free trip. An exclusive, all-expense-paid trip down memory lane! A Pinterest search like this can blast you right back to the past, no time travel machine needed.

As a true Crew lover, you will instantly recognize catalog covers from years past. You will relish in the memories of a predominately preppy J. Crew line, you will laugh at the loads of argyle and the waif-thin models frolicking in fields. The skirts that are far too long and the wedding dress disasters. The first cast of Crewcut models and the men standing on sailboats looking not-so-confidently into the distance.

Yep…keep scrolling through…

Sure, there is tons of new stuff featured on Pinterest too (sometimes you even get a sneak peek at future lines)…but that will just make you want to spend money. This free, {you heard me right, folks} all-expense-paid trip back in J. Crew time won’t cost you a dime. Plus, you will lust after articles of clothing you can no longer purchase, which will really save you money. Pin them instead and you won’t get upset over it!

…wait, stop scrolling…I dare you to stop…

I bet you don’t have your fill of colorful Crew pics yet! Time to head over to JCrewing for more!

P.S.  Follow Me on Pinterest and, if you liked this post, Pin It. Pin it real good.

J. Who? Stop Teesin’ Me.

Many of these looks beg the question: “J. Who?”
As in: J. Crew, do you REALLY sell these things? No teasin’?
Or “Teesin’ ” as we will refer to it here on out as many of the “J. Who? Whaa?” questions refer to totally wack t-shirts.

That’s HOT!

Literally, you will be so hot in this top. $795 for a leather tee? Wait, did you say leather tee? Is it just me or do short sleeves = warm weather and leather = cold weather and/or bikers that don’t want their skin torn off?

Shimmering  Silk and Lurex Jacquard

…T-shirt? Say Whaaa?

The Dulcie Mini is pretty fly though (Imagine with a fancy white sleeveless collared shirt? So CHIC!)

Shimmerveil Tee: Silk/Lurex® plus the Midas Touch

Yes, it is veiled in shimmer. Which is kinda cool, but at the same time feels a bit like a short-sleeved swimsuit. “The brilliant fabric, a mix of silk and metallic threading, comes to us from a venerable Italian mill..Our designer crafted this smoldering beauty in a universally flattering silhouette with a drape so fluid, it’s like wearing liquid gold

I made need some liquid courage to sport this liquid gold thing!

You can also get the Shimmerveil Dress, which is equally stunning and startling. GLitz. Glam. Dare I say Gaudiness?

Spahkle at Sea
J. Crew shimmer striped dress
A Mariner’s Stripe Sprinkled with Confetti? Bringing a whole new meaning to yacht party.

For the do-it-yourselfer: Shower in glitter KE$HA style!

Marled Sweatshirt Tee
J. Crew Marled Sweatshirt Tee

Save $55 and Do-It-Yourself:
Take old sweatshirt. Make long sleeves short sleeves by way of scissors. Keep edges raw. If you have some leftover material you can Make Matching Shorts!

Well there you have it! Some tee-rific ideas for DIY projects. Check the J. Crew website for the 95% of new arrivals I did not make fun of in this post. Mostly because the did not make me say: “J. Who?” and instead simply tempted me to drop em in my shopping cart…

What are your New Arrival Favs? Let us know via Twitter @JCrewReview!