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Week in Review: Fall is in Full Swing

Fall is in full swing, and that means miniature pumpkins and decorative Indian corn will magically make their way into your shopping cart. You’ll suddenly have an irresistible urge to visit an apple orchard and a pumpkin farm. Perhaps a vineyard, too – while you’re at it! A strange sensation pulls you in the direction of all things plaid and flannel and it becomes abundantly clear that you do not have enough cozy socks and blankets (and never will).

That said, cider season is officially upon us! If you’re like me, you skip the PSL and go straight for the good stuff.

If we were ‘real’ lifestyle bloggers, we’d whip up our own clever cider concoction and share just how rewarding it is to make your own from scratch. I must say, this Trader Joe’s version isn’t half bad! Apple-Cider-Season Disclaimer: These apples aren’t freshly picked from the orchard. They’re Trader Joe’s, too.

Fall-Foliage-OnlyInMN And with the crisp autumnal breezes comes a myriad of gorgeous natural colors. A unique mix of reds, greens, yellows, oranges and maroons. A striking blend of colors that are just too Instagrammable to resist. It’s peak fall foliage season in Minnesota right now (meaning, we have ALL of the colors), and I have plenty of ‘grams to prove it!

Including this one, featuring my recent encounter with a real-life emoji! Real-Life-Leaf-Emoji

Wayzata-Yacht-Club And this snap, that’s really just a tease because that body of water is about to FREEZE soon.

Fall-Foliage-MN-2 And this tunnel of trees at a scenic outdoor wedding venue. Ok, I lied. This is actually outside of the public library. Looks like a lavishly decorated aisle though, doesn’t it?

Taylors-Falls-MN-Fall This recent hike was an eyeopener, featuring trees with only a few fall leaves left : (

Wood-Watch-1When it comes to fall clothing and accessories, I gotta admit, I don’t overdose on plaid and flannel and oversized capes. They’re not for everyone. I do love a cozy cable knit sweater, a fleece-lined quarter-zip (like this Heathered Green Patagonia “Better Sweater” that’s become a weekend staple), and leather riding boots (like these Frye faves I’ve been wearing on the daily).

JORD-WatchAccessory-wise, stylish wood watches are seasonally appropriate and make quite the fashion statement. This Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood combination caught my attention, and the best news is, the husband likes it, too! Check out woodwatches.com to explore the full collection of men’s and women’s watches. (Shown: Dover Series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood. c/o).

Wood-Watch-2 Doesn’t it make you wanna go all analog and take a hike? Reaching for your iPhone is not required to tell time. It was, however, required for this photo, HA! 

Like what you see? Enter to win a wood watch.

Until next time!

My Weekend in Instagrams

Running on (almost) perfect fall days.


Roommate brunches to start off Sunday shopping.


Strolls in the park. Equip with the proper accessories for the chillier temps thanks to Pendleton.


Taking advantage of J. Crew sales.



I treated myself to this sweater from J. Crew during their 25% off $100 sale.

What did you do this weekend?



*All photos are from both the JCR Girls and my personal Instagram accounts.

Friday Favorites

I hope everyone had a great week. I have been easing back into my routine after a busy end to October full of visitors in NYC. Here are a few things we are loving right now to take you through the final stretch before the weekend:

This “Cups Song” cover. I never really got tired of the song, but I know it’s probably passing its prime. I’ve been watching this video non-stop and even if you were over the song, this will make you un-over it. If that’s even a thing. You get what I mean, just watch it!

theSkimmI don’t know how I didn’t know about this before…my roommate just introduced it to me a few days ago. I really do have the best of intentions with keeping up with current events, but I usually get distracted by a thought mid-first paragraph and give up. theSkimm is great because they take all the big stories and summarize them for you in one short and sweet daily newsletter to start off your morning with. Sorry if this is old news to everyone else, but I’m pretty excited about it.

Sales at J. Crew. J. Crew is offering 25% off your purchase of $100 or more. This sweater and these boots have already made their way into my shopping cart! And, as to not be overshadowed, J. Crew Factory is one-upping their older sibling and offering 30% off of everything. So yeah, I had to tell my paycheck to not get to comfortable in my bank account because it won’t be there long.

Fall is in full swing. I’m honestly pretty excited that the crisp fall temps are finally here. I am happy (for now) to break out tights and boots and all of my outerwear. Plus, I mean, look at these colors. Even if you hate the cold, doesn’t this just make you love it a little more for a second?

Fall in NYC via The JCR Girls

Check out our Fall Style and For Fall boards on Pinterest for some outfit inspiration for the new season!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Polished for Fall

Normally I’m totally a proponent of brightening up the colder months with pops of color. But when the temps drop I transition right over to darker nail polishes without hesitation. I also tend to stay pretty true to Essie – see some of my favorites for Fall below.

What are you favorite nail colors for Fall?

J.Crew Favorites in Fall’s Hottest Colors

J. Crew Fall Fashion Color Pantone Report | The JCR Girls Blog
J. Crew Fall 2012 Pantone Report | The JCR Girls

Every season, Pantone, the world’s color authority, publishes the Fashion Color Report that details the hottest colors for the upcoming season.   These colors are everywhere and dictate not only what is seen through fashion retailers, but  extend to digital technology, textiles, plastics, architecture, and paint.  So what pieces can we pick up from J.Crew in the season’s trendiest colors?  Below are three stand-out items styled to show off your color know-how. Color me J.Crew!


Look 1: It’s Easy Being Ultramarine Green

J. Crew Jade Pants via Fall 2012 Pantone Report | The JCR Girls


Look 2:  I’ll Have the Pink Flambe

J. Crew Pink Sweater via Fall 2012 Pantone Report | The JCR Girls


Look 3: Shades of Titanium

J. Crew Titanium Edie Purse via Fall 2012 Pantone Report | The JCR GirlsColorblock Edie Grand Bag by J.Crew – $298
Dress by Thatcher
– $253
Agate Bib Necklace by Anthropologie
– $58
Wide T-strap Sandal by Barneys New York
 – $550


This is a guest post by Katie Quinn, Chief Stylist at LivingCloset where you can create and complete your wardrobe online with personalized style recommendations.  Take Katie’s style quiz here to get personalized styling advice and catalog your apparel purchases.


Love is a Battlefield…Get Your Armor From J. Crew

I waltzed into J. Crew Saturday afternoon expecting a typical fall “back to campus” roll-out of argyle sweaters, cord blazers and pebbled driving mocs. Instead, I found the store to be in a much more dangerous position. Rather than ivy-league looks and preppy patterns I was alarmed to find Crew preparing for WAR. Calm down, we are not talking camo…we are taking it old school with armor!

This time baby I’ll be….BULLETPROOF.

In the name of safety, it is very important that you wear this sparkly bulletproof vest over all of your fall attire. You may feel like a disco ball diva, but give it a shot (whoops, totally inappropriate pun). If you’re like me, and really  not attracted to this blingin bulletproof vest, simply shake the glitter off your clothing and reapply it to your skirt. Because this is HOT:

Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…

But she ain’t messing with no boring skirt. As you can see, this skirt can be dressed up or down for day or night. Making it a very SAFE investment during these dangerous times. Go for the Glitz!

Does your Chain(mail) Hang Low?

There are SO MANY options when it comes to Crew chains this fall. If you have a weak neck and want to avoid 5lbs of metal weighing it down, you might want to try a little DIY project. For those of you that don’t watch HGTV, that stands for D0-it-Yourself. Now I will segway into my Martha Stewart Crafting section of the show.

Today we will be making paper chain mail! First, gather your supplies. You will need: Scissors (we prefer Fiskers), glue (we prefer Elmers) and paper (take your pick, but we suggest shades of black, silver and gunmetal). You will also need a small child old enough to operate scissors but with fingers skinny enough to work with teeny tiny strips of paper. All set?

Now…make one of those paper chain decorations but much tinier and less colorful than you enjoyed in your youth. It will turn out like this:

See, it’s a very good thing.

**Warning: Do not wear this in the rain or you may have an “I’m melting” moment like the bad witch in The Wizard of Oz.

Now that you have your bulletproof vest, golddigger skirt, chainmail necklace…you NEED these spiky brass knuckles to complete the look:

This blouse with built-in breastplate is optional:

Now that you have:

A. Been warned of the impending war (J. Crew knows something we don’t know. But I obviously trust them so I’ll pull a Paul Revere and deliver the message to the masses).

B. Adjusted your wardrobe accordingly

…I wish you the best of luck in your battles against boring fashion! Now…get your armor. Better go and get your armor!

(P.S. I won’t judge you for youtubing a few choice songs after reading this post)