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J.Crew Challenge – Ratti Into the Wild Print

Exciting News! We’re happy to announce that The JCR Girls are participating in the latest #JCrewChallenge. We’re tasked with wearing 1 print, 5 ways, over the course of 5 days.


Follow along to see how we style the bright and cheery ‘Into the Wild’ print. This jungle-inspired motif was discovered in the archives of Ratti, one of Italy’s most renowned print houses. The rich colors were achieved using new digital printing technology, for an especially vibrant effect.

We’re thrilled that J.Crew has revived this amazing print, and can hardly wait to share our outfits with you. Tune in on Instagram as we kickoff the J.Crew Challenge (℅ our friends at @jcrew)!

Day 1: J.Crew Challenge
Taking casual Friday up a notch with a punchy print and Cleopatra Collar (aka, I doubled up on necklaces).
JCrew-Challenge-Ratti-Into-The-Wild-JCR  JCrew-Challenge-Ratti-Into-The-Wild-JCR-2

Day 2: J.Crew Challenge
[Ad]venturing into the weekend in a J.Crew Ruffle-sleeve Top and bright red skirt. JCrew-Challenge-Into-The-Wild-Ruffle-Sleeve-Top




More to come!


Black is the New Black

Because black never goes out of style.

If you’re updating your wardrobe on a budget, invest in the classics (but we’re not talking boring black basics here). Here’s a new take on classic black:

Ladylike with a Modern Twist

Black is the New Black: The JCR Girls

A Little Bit Edgier

Black is the New Black: The JCR Girls


Speaking of black… Abercrombie & Fitch has recently lifted their ban on the color black [this Refinery29 article provides the deets].

So the question is: would you shop there again? My immediate answer is NO, NEVER!

But I mean these ponte pants and culottes are pretty on point…

abercrombie-and-fitch-black-clothingPonte Pant Leggings // Culottes

I’ll leave you with some “All Black Everything” street style inspiration:

Street Style On Pinterest ***All Images via Pinterest***

P.S. Don’t miss out on these Columbus Day Sales!




Wedding Planning: Sneak Peek at the Secret Pinterest Board


These are a few of my favorite things…

Are you sensing a Black, White & Vintage theme?? Bhldn-MRS-Hanger

Speaking of vintage, I’ve secured my lovely vintage-inspired MRS dress hanger!

Find the matching ‘Heirloom Hangers’ set at bhldn:
To add to the Black / White / Gold, we’ve picked the perfect accent color…

JCrew-SilkChiffon-Bridesmaid-Dress Wild Beet!

Sorry ladies, but this color is going out of style! Literally, it’s being discontinued. Which makes me sad, but then again, kind of makes it extra special. Can’t wait to have my girls sporting Wild Beet by my side next July!

In the market for some bridesmaid dresses?
Shop our favorite J.Crew Silk Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses:



Red, White & J.Crew

Uncle Sam is all tuckered out, which can only mean one thing…
It was a successful 4th of July weekend!


Hope you enjoyed it! I had a relaxing weekend at a friend’s cabin on the lake and wore nothing but red, white and blue. Which reminded me… I really love this color combo–it’s surely influenced by my nautical obsession, too!



So even though the bunting and star-spangled beach towels are no longer necessary, sporting red, white, and blue (at least thru September) is acceptable in my book!

Here are my Red, White & J.Crew picks:


Arabelle Dress in Silk Chiffon / Jeweled Arrows Necklace / Stripe Leather Passport Case


J.Crew Factory Stripe Linen-Cotton Sundress / J.Crew Factory Twisted Rope Short
Factory Pleated Stripe Short


Collection Featherweight Cashmere Shell / J.Crew Stretch Matchstick Jean in White
Collection Cashmere Zip-Front Hoodie


 Let’s ride this patriotic wave a little bit longer, shall we?




Come Sail Away – Nautical Necessities from J.Crew and…

It wouldn’t be spring without us posting our roundup of nautical necessities at least once.
For reference, see: Ships Ahoy! J.Crew Nautical Necessities & Nautical Necessities Round 2.

And this collage we made when Bazaart first launched: Nautical-Style-Blog

We also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to our love for all things nautical:

Follow’s board Come Sail Away on Pinterest.

And several snaps on Instagram…

As you can see, we ♥ everything navy, white, striped, anchor emblazoned – especially if it screams LET’S GO SAILING!

So now that you’re fully aware of the severity of our addiction, and seeing as you’re still reading this, chances are you’re a sucker for sailing attire, too. So we bring you our favorite Nautical Necessities of late:


Saint James® for J.Crew slouchy tee / Chambray headscarf Boardwalk and Talk DressSail Through My Dreams Top in Red‘Authentic Original’ Leather Boat ShoeVintage cotton scoopneck tee in stripeInfinity Knot Ring / Anchor Bracelet

 And remember: Breton stripes and Sperrys will never go out of style!




The J.Crew news you need to know – April Edition





Flashback Friday: Faves from JCrew Catalogs of 2006…

While I don’t miss the bootcut jeans, bermuda shorts, or cargo chinos of ’06, I’m still rather fond of the following…
 This outfit, does it come in my size? (This catalog featured the debut of Crewcuts!)

JCrew-Catatlog-Plaid-2006 Mother-Daughter Madras. Because: adorable.

JCrew-Catalog-2006-fish-in-the-sea-dress I must eBay stalk this fish print dress… 

JCrew-Denim-Vest Denim vest done right (still not sure I could pull it off, but I’ll pretend I can)

Navy Blue Swiss Dot Top

JCrew-Catatlog-Sweater The always-in-style Navy Blue V-neck Sweater (I wear mine religiously)

JCrew-Catalog-2006-Argyle I love the look on the left from the knees up. Pretty sure I tried to copy this knee-high look back in ’06..I now realize how ridiculous I looked.

JCrew-Catatlog-Striped-Skirt This striped skirt (and striped wallpaper). Can I have it?

JCrew-Catatlog-Bikini-Seersucker Seersucker swimwear is always a good idea. I liked it then (note: dog ear) and I like it now!

And polka dots? Yes, polka dots are also always a good idea. JCrew-Polka-Dot-Bikini-Top

I had this bow dress in fuschia. Then had to gift it to my roommate because I was only a size 0 for like, 2 months.

JCrew-Catalog-Wedding-Dress And whatever happened to this $470 wedding dress? Seriously – $470?? #BringItBack

What are your favorite JCrew styles of yesteryear?



P.S. There’s a sale on current J.Crew items.
Shop it here:


J.Crew: The News You Need to Know

Have you seen the March Collection? Over 200 new arrivals, just in!

BONUS: Cardmembers receive 20% off. Use code CARDSONLY with your J.Crew Card.
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That’s not all…

The Wedding Event is still on thru March 4th!

Which 2014 dress styles are your favorite?

We know you love J.Crew, but investors do, too! J.Crew said to be in talking with banks about a 2014 IPO.

“With 451 stores and about $2.4 billion in annual sales, J. Crew may fetch a valuation of as much as $5 billion, one of the people said, asking not to be identified discussing private information” via


Valentine’s Date Outfits

Valentine's Date Outfits | The JCR Girls Blog

“But, why isn’t he obsessed with me?” Martha said to me.

We were sitting against the window seat of one of the sketchy Dublin flats we lived in, cocooned in duvets.  We had gone through a full sleeve of Digestive Biscuits and refilled the kettle twice.  She was talking about Barry (one point oh.)

“Jocelyn told me to put him on the back burner,” she continued.  “Back-Burner Barry.”

We did not know at this moment that these two sentences would be repeated often throughout the next four and a half years.  We didn’t know that “But why isn’t he obsessed with me?” would become our slang for “This guy is super cute and I want him to like me!  But he is stupid/ lives far away/ has a girlfriend… and it’s really lame.”

That was before Jocelyn and I met in person and we became the fierce friend trio we are now.  That was how every guy who was THE WORST became known as Barry, and before Martha met Matt and all back-burner business stopped.  It was before I went on The Weird Date with The Guy with the Violent Tattoo (who was actually kind of obsessed with me, do-do-do-do.)

This time of year always brings me back to that conversation we had as twenty-year-old girls with little to no love life.  So much (so little?) has changed since then…

As a single girl, I do not subscribe to the notion that Valentine’s Day is the worst day ever.  If I may speak for our trio, we think it’s lovely that there is a day reserved for telling people you kinda like them, even if you really ought to do that every day.

Whether your life is full of Back-Burner Barry’s or you have a steady beau,  we can all agree that we love a good date, especially a Valentine Date.  But… what to wear?  Not to worry, The JCR Girls are here for your Valentine’s Day needs!  What kind of date are you going on?

The Fancy Dinner Date
We know that you love food.  You love it more than you love your significant other.  Well, maybe not.  But that’s what you tell them when they finally bring you to that restaurant with the ravioli we have been DYING to try!

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Fancy Dinner Date Outfit

Dress: Anthropologie, Ivoire Dress, $188.
Shoes:  French Connection, Catia High Heel, $140.
Earrings: J.Crew, Geometry Earrings, $75.


The Night In Date
Congratulations,  you have tricked your boyfriend into thinking that this is romantic or something.  Really, you just wanted popcorn and yoga pants.  Boyfriends LOVE yoga pants.  They don’t even know that you’re in your fat pants.  It’s hilarious.  Well played, my lazy comrade, well played.

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Date Outfit Top:  J. Crew Cutout Floral Sweatshirt, $75.
Pants: Beyond Yoga, Gathered Legging, $99.
Slippers:  Accessorize Purrfect Fair Isle Slipper Boot, $21.
Hair Elastics: J.Crew Elastic Hair Tie Pack, $13.


The Party Date
There are two types of party dates:  the Non-Committal Party Date and the SUPER-Committal Party Date.  The Non-Committal Party Date is my favorite kind of Early in The Game Date.  I work well under pressure, but not date pressure.  The Non-Committal Party Date is fun, less serious, and laid back with a built in back up plan!  The SUPER-Committal Party Date is the game changer.  You know this party – the one where you get introduced as “the girlfriend” or you don’t.  Don’t worry!  His friends will love you!  We promise!  You look so cute, too!

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Party  Date OutfitTop:  ALICE + OLIVIA, $130.
Shorts: Zara,  Faux Leather Bermuda Shorts, $50.
Shoes:  J.Crew Collection, Blakely Printed Pumps, $298.
Jewelry: J.Crew Faceted Cone Bracelet, $68.

The Friend Date
But why isn’t he obsessed with you?!  Not to worry, you still have two friends who aren’t married.  He’s a Barry anyway.

The JCR Girls | Valentine's Day | Friend Date Outfit Top:  J.Crew Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater, $88.
Jeans: J.Crew Selvedge Toothpick Jean in Cherish Wash, $188.
Flats: J.Crew D’Orsay T-strap Ballet Flats, $228.
Necklace: Glitz Fox Pendant Necklace, $25.


Happy Valentine’s Day.