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J.Crew Review: December 2016 Style Guide

It’s good, you guys. Really good. 
Makes me want to head to Canada and max out my credit card on all the necessary gear — including, but not limited to:







Also comes in Dark Poppy, Bleached Sand, Emerald Pool, Navy, Black. Which one would you wear the most?


Also comes in several other fun and festive colors.




*Shown front + center!

How perfect for the holidays, right? Act fast – sizes are selling out quickly!



And for holiday party attire… JCrew-Holiday-2016-Party-Attire


This isn’t all about you. You know that, right? Start making a list of gifts for the women in your life. We’re fond of the following gifts in shades that suit the season!

Gift Ideas


Last Minute Gifts for Her Under $50!

Here’s our roundup of last minute gifts for the ladies in your life – all under $50!
And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you procrastinated (after all, it happens to the best of us)!

MOM, GET ME THIS Holiday Wish List 0:-)

I’m back!  With bells on!  Literally, I have a sweater with bells on it…. I got it from (we know them!)  We’re not over a good ol’ ugly Christmas sweater party, yet.  And we’re not over more cowbell.  More cowbell on sweaters.  This is a classic part of the holiday season now!  Get ugly, guys, you know you want to.

Ugly-Christmas-Sweater Don’t forget your pants. 

I’m a lucky duck because I get to return to The JCR Girls at THE MOST fun time of the year.  Here’s my list of things on my Christmas wishlist.  I hope that it will give you all some ideas for the weirdos in your life.


MAC has created some absolutely beautiful holiday collection palletes this year.   You can check them out at any MAC location or get them online at  That said, we’re BORED.  It’s way more fun to make your own, which (thanks, MAC!) you can do!  Custom palletes come in sets of 2, 4, 15, and 30.  YOU NEED THEM.

 Here’s some super awesome colors we recommend, listed in order left to right!


Naked Lunch:  We just like the name.  We do!  But really, this minimalist shimmery pink is a great color for a “natural” first date type look with a plum (like sable) or burgundy (like sketch) crease or liner.  Also works as a fancy pants base color.

Shroom: Preeeeeeeeetty.  Shimmery Beige.  Beige is a great color because it generally works for most people.  I am the whitest (read: pink) girl ever and beige works.  Marty and Joce have more olive/yellow undertones and it works on them.  Hooray for beige!  It means I can steal borrow acquire things from them on nights out.

WoodwinkedBest.  Brown.  Ever.  (Referred to on the website as “warm antique gold”)

Steamy:  As the name would suggest, this color will make you look… um… steamy…  Another one that works on everyone, no matter the color of your eyes.  This is a blue-green with gold shimmer.  PERFECT for the season.  You love it, we love it, let’s all agree to agree and have chic perfect smokey eyes this year.

Carbon:  Matte black is everything I’ve ever wanted.  Sometimes, I just don’t want to look like a fairy vomited glitter all over my black smokey eye.  I don’t blame me.  Get this.

If you haven’t discovered yet and you need someone to teach you how to put stuff on your face and make it look good (or just want some ideas or to listen to their super cute British accents) PLZ CLICK THAT LINK.  They use a lot of different brands of cosmetics, including MAC and other high end and “high street” aka drugstore brands.  Also, Sam makes brushes, and they’re fab! I want these, too. 

Next on the list!  Let’s face it. You need clothes.  Actually, it’s possible you have too many clothes if you’re reading our blog… but that’s okay.  Clothes are important.  Jesus thinks so.


I love this look.  Who says you can’t wear white in winter?  Olivia Pope wears white whenever she wants.  And we wish we were Olivia Pope, so we’re following her lead.  (If that went way over your head STOP what you’re doing and go watch Scandal on Netflix.)  We’ve included in this look a Cream Trapeze Coat.  The 60’s chic and cozy cream makes for a great Jackie Kennedy fashion moment.  This coat is beautiful and definitely not in my personal price point, but I thought it was a great centerpiece… please link any “affordable” look alikes in the comments to ANY of these pieces, by the way.  Though, a good staple piece (READ: expensive) never hurt anyone!

Coat: L.K. Bennett Jessamy Trapeze Coat,  $975 (£595),

Cap: Topshop Faux Fur Cap Honey 0 $45 $32!!!

Mittens: TOPSHOP Lux Fur Mitten $36

Shoes: J.Crew Strappy mirror metallic pumps $278

Re: Shoes.  I got a pair of very similar pumps, with a black heel and only one strap, from Banana Republic.  I honestly think the ones I got from BR are way cuter, but I can’t find them online anymore 🙁  Also, got them on SALE!!!! and they were about $120 to start with.  Just keep an eye out if you stop in one of their stores!



It’s almost New Years Resolution Time!  My preferred method of exercise is Pilates (Gyrotonic! I’d tell you where I go in Connecticut but I won’t because I love her and I want to keep her for myself)  and Yoga.  Here’s some things on my workout wishlist (also on my wishlist: help affording this behavior.)

Towel:  Don’t be mean, guys… I sweat A LOT.  Even in normal yoga classes, so I normally need to cover my sticky mat (a.k.a. Slippery Devil Waffle Floor Covering) with a towel.  These Manduka Towels are great for those of us who go to yoga with butter on our hands.  (Lululemon also has great options.)  Manduka ‘eQua‘ Yoga Mat Towel Swoon One Size, $42, (Also available on Zappos – free returns ya’ll!!)

Bag:  According to the internet, this features a drawcord closure, a removable shoulder strap, internal mesh pocket for essentials and durable straps at the base for a yoga mat.  Perfect! Essential Gym Bag, $82 (£50),

Roller:  Great to roll out all those kinks!  These are AMAZING.  Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller,  $40,

Sweater:  The best way to start a class and end a class is in a cozy sweater.  It’s crucial to warm up and cool down safely in yoga and pilates, and layers are my personal preference for accomplishing this.  Moving Comfort GOTTA LOVE IT Jumper, $82 $74 (£45) (Again, Also available on Zappos!)

Pants:  Your boyfriend likes these.  You’re welcome, Boyfriend.  Lucy lucy® Perfect Core Capri Leggings, $89,

WORK… Really…

I always ask for work clothes for Christmas.  Because I usually spend my money on ridiculous pieces of clothing like sparkly dresses and leather leggings.  I don’t regret it.   But there’s nothing better than looking good at work.  Once, when Marty was visiting, she had a conference call and she did it in her jammies and a pair of really cute pumps!  There’s power in clothes, ladies and gents, even over the phone!

Pants: J.Crew Collection curator pant, $128 $108,

SweaterMoth Bedford Pullover, $138,

Earrings: J.Crew Resin arrowhead earrings, $75 $65j


Shoes: J.Crew Collection Etta calf hair pumps, $350 $298,

Briefcase: (I KNOW.) CHANEL VINTAGE quilted briefcase, $5,155,



I know I’m supposed to be funny (and I am.  Hilarious.) But, while this is the frilly-est, party-est, giftyest time of year, it’s also time of year to contemplate what we’re so thankful for:

I’m thankful for my JCR girls:


My Pretties

I’m thankful for new family! And the most J.Crew Wedding of all time. And the best photographer ever, JBM Photography!

 handsome brother!!!  and his beautiful bride!


…And the rest of the things I’m thankful for will come in another post – STAY TUNED!



P.S. Please also consider giving to a foundation or cause that you care about.  There are thousands of non-profit organizations, you can research one you’re interested in here:

We all love stuff, but let’s remember to love EACHOTHER 🙂

Gearing Up for Black Friday

Black-Friday-J.Crew-Outlet-SalesJudging by the 2ft long receipt, you can see Black Friday 2012 was a success…

So the truth is: we kind of love Black Friday. It’s been a tradition since high school to go to ‘Midnight Madness’ at Pleasant Prairie Outlet Mall in WI to shop the sales until the wee hours of the morning. The nice thing now (for us at least, not so much the retail staff) is that many of these sales now start at 9:00 or 10:00pm.

Even though Jocelyn will be in NYC this Friday, I’ll be carrying out the tradition and bringing the boyfriend along (Matt is in for a TREAT)! First stop is always J.Crew outlet, typically followed by: Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Cole Haan, Nine West, BCBG and Bare Minerals. Ok fine, I guess I’ll let Matt check out Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, too.

The primary focus of any Black Friday outleting excursion is always J.Crew Factory Store. If you plan on hitting the Factory Store in person or online, find some helpful hints and tips below!

The Unofficial Guide to J.Crew Factory Store Shopping

Bargain Hunting: If you really want to score a deal – go early. Like, when it first opens. While there’s plenty of product stocked at the front of the store, the good clearance items (often an additional 50% off) go fast. If there’s something you like in your size – hang on to it!

Take a Number: The fitting room lines will eventually wrap around the store, so pull everything you want to try on at once rather than making several trips. Try on at the same time as friends if you think you’ll need a second opinion. Will be hard to track them down otherwise!

The Approach: Now’s the time to stock up on basics. Perfect tees and tanks (in every color), Jackie cardigans (again, in EVERY color), socks (the cheetah print, argyle, and marled wool pairs I got last year are my faves) and sweaters (turtlenecks, crewnecks, V-necks or cashmere…whatever you’re into) are plentiful. I seriously wait all year for this stock up sess. I’ve found some great skirts, dresses, phone cases, and pajama pants over the years, too.

There are also some super fun accessories scattered throughout the store that make great gifts – critter necklaces, stands of pearls, sparkly belts, passport covers, argyle flasks, printed cosmetic cases, scarfs, ear muffs….

Quality Control: The reason why I focus on basics as opposed to investment pieces like Schoolboy Blazers, Double-cloth Coats, and work wear is because the quality of structed pieces isn’t quite up to par. If you’re used to the regular J.Crew merchandise, when you shop J.Crew Factory you will notice a difference. I can’t really distinguish a difference in cotton pieces, but for highly tailored items made of thicker materials, you can tell the products are lower-grade.

This is not uncommon among outlets and other factory stores – Coach outlet, for example, sells an entirely different line of lower quality leathergoods at their outlet stores than at the prime retail locations. Just a word of caution that the fit, feel, texture, and weight of certain items isn’t the same as regular retail stores (this is, however, reflected in the significant cost savings).

If you do not live near a J.Crew outlet, or don’t feel like dealing with people, J.Crew Factory Store online will feature a much similar selection of merchandise. You won’t get the perks of picking through the clearance rack, that can feature regular retail store overstock or returns (these items won’t have a double diamond on the tag), and you may not get the additional discounts that will apply in-store, but that’s not to say good deals can’t be found!

Keep an eye out on our blog and social streams for sale announcements!

Our J.Crew Factory Faves:

It’s Tartan Time

Throughout the years J.Crew has debuted hundreds of plaid pieces – in a variety of colors, textures and patterns. This catalog cover from August 2007 was part of JCrew’s preppier set, but it’s great to see the retailer is still featuring quite a bit of ‘borrowed from the boys with a feminine fit’ styles.

J.Crew Catalog-Fall-2007

I know WAY too much about tartan (plaid) from having worked at a school uniform store during my summers before college. Many private school uniforms require plaid jumpers or skirts (multi-pleat or box pleat). Having worn the same red, white & navy blue plaid pattern from kindergarten through 8th grade, you’d think I’d think I’d want to steer clear of criss-cross stripe patterns for life.

Maybe it’s because I live in Minnesota now and just about every MN man’s closet is dominated by flannel (some of which are actually, quite stylish). Or maybe it’s the holidays that bring on the ‘Mad about Plaid’ vibes, but whatever the case, we can rejoice because retailers have a great selection of tartan shirts, scarves, and throws again this year!

Traditional tartan patterns each have a name and a purpose (in Scotland they were to represent your clan and/or your occupation). Learn all about the History of Tartan on good ol’ Wikipedia.

I plan on wearing this J.Crew plaid ‘kilt’ (from Holiday ’12) again this year:


…but maybe with tights now that it’s ten degrees in MN.



Gifts for Guys

When I asked my brother for ideas for a “Gifts for Guys” blog post, his response was, “Like Urban Outfitters fake hipster, super mainstream, tech-y geeky, gamer type, private school preppy?” He’s in college…don’t mind him.

He did come up with some pretty decent ideas though! I also asked my boyfriend – who has a thing for collecting watches and can’t seem to grow out of playing video games. But to his credit, I really like the QZ’s (quarter zips, people) that he picked out. See below for gift picks for guys – from guys!

If you have additional gift ideas to add, tweet us to tell us @TheJCRGirls!









Electronics & Games:

All That Glitters is Gold

only shooting stars break the, moooOOOoooold.

Ok enough Smash Mouth.

Let’s focus instead on some glitzy gold holiday gift ideas that are bound to be a smashing success!

Christmas-Wish-List-2013-Gift-Ideas1. Gramercy Dress – Hunter Dixon by Hunter Bell because sometimes polyester + metallic = AMAZEBALLS // 2. Small Square Stud Earrings by Kate Spade New York — I mean, look at them! // 3. Golden Monogram Mug – Limited Edition at Anthropologie // 4. Layton Chronograph Watch by Michael Kors — Fashion meets function. // 5. Classic Link Bracelet by J.Crew — shiny gold sophistication. // 6. Girls’ Graphic Notebook by J.Crew — perfect for girls of all ages. // 7. Collection Etta Sequin Pumps for J.Crew — or as Jenna calls em, Shiny Poines! // 8. Stroke of Midnight – Gold’ Eye Kit by MAC // 9. Classique D Ring Bracelet by Fallon Jewelry — equestrian chic with a hint of glam never hurt no one.

Which items are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



Lady in Red

It’s November in Minnesota. Time to turn up the heat.

Lady in Red | The JCR Girls

1. Photo // 2. Taryn Dress in Vivid Poppy (99.99!) // 3. Majesty Peacoat in Decadent Red // 4. Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini Bag // 5. Etta Suede Pumps in Wild Beet // 6. Scented Candle “Be Dazzling” // 7. NARS Lipstick Jungle Red // 8. Classic Q Natasha Bag

I love the color red. My favorite sweater is red. Favorite coat – red. Favorite handbag? Gazpacho. (In layman’s terms – RED). I also don’t hate Taylor Swift. And there’s just something about red nail polish and red lipstick that is always RIGHT. Amiright?

With the holidays growing ever closer it just makes me want to surround myself with cozy red coats and holly jolly party dresses. And a glass or three of wine. Red wine.



P.S. If you’re like me and really like red, you’ll probably like this Pinterest Board.

J. Crew Holiday Attire

Some people enjoy the cheerful decorations at their favorite local coffee shop; others relish a good glass of ‘nog and having plenty of opportunities to Instagram. But my favorite part of the holiday season? Dressing up for the festive events.

J.Crew is always a safe bet when you’re in need of a great dress, skirt, or just looking for something-anything– in plaid. We know this. So without further ado, here are my choices for…

Pollyanna Exchange with Friends Your gift is wrapped with a perfectly-tied bow (thanks, Pinterest); why shouldn’t your outfit be the same?

J. Crew Holiday Outfits - The JCR Girls 1 / 2 / 3

Holiday Lights/Homes/Gardens Tour It’s cold outside, but save the Northface for cutting down the tree. Once you try on the Double Cloth Funnel Coat, you won’t even remember that tired old zip-up. You have a waist again!

J. Crew Winter Outdoor Outfits - The JCR Girls

 1 / 2 / 3

Formal Occasion  I know you’ve got at least one this season: a work function, cocktail party, or charity gala. For these events, the Kristin dress in bright poppy combined with a gold strappy sandal is an absolute classic.

The JCR Girls - J. Crew Holiday Outfit Ideas - Cocktail Party

1 / 2 / 3

Day-of-Dinner  Whatever your special day may consist of, there’s one thing for certain: you have the right to dress up as much as you’d like. Personally, I start in warm PJs and transition to a dressier outfit for dinner with the family later on. Having a neutral palette guarantees that your new holiday baubles will be the perfect accessories.

The JCR Girls - J. Crew Christmas / Holiday Dinner Outfit Ideas

1 / 2 / 3

So what do you think? What are your December plans? And most importantly, what will you wear?!

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