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St. Patrick’s Day

There are so many things to celebrate this week!

Between Spring Break quickly approaching and St. Patrick’s Day, there are a million reasons to dress up and splurge on yourself. Pantone named Emerald the color of the year, which could not be more perfect. Emerald not only looks great on every skin tone, but it’s making St. Paddy’s day extra chic this year. J.Crew channeled the color into Tippi sweaters, pumps, and many of their signature looks. All I can say is, yes please!

The JCR Girls | Be Casual

Casual Look
Throughout the day, use Emerald as a pop of color. An easy way to incorporate the trend into an everyday wardrobe is with a classic outfit. Try a white tee, an emerald sweater, dark washed jeans, and flats. To add to the casual look, a gold accessory will look great with green. It looks instantly chic and is a great way to show off that Spring Break tan.

The JCR Girls | Dress Up

Dress Up
I love a great casual look, but nothing is better than putting on a pair of pumps, getting a blow-out, and wearing a dress that fits like a glove. Emerald in the evening feels like Audrey Hepburn wearing Kate Spade. It’s rebellious with color, but instantly chic with the bright tone. If wearing color isn’t your thing, try a LBD and green accessories. Nothing’s better than a great statement necklace and a killer heel.

The JCR Girls | For the Men

For the Men

Whether a man is dressing up or down, green suits them well for spring. With spring break approaching, or here for the lucky few of you, I’m looking forward to seeing guys in green swimsuits. It makes them look instantly tan, gives them that pop of color, and is a fun alternative to boring navy blue trunks. Pair that with Ray-Bans and throw on a graphic-tee- not an old basketball shirt from high school- and their casual look is complete. For St. Paddy’s day, I want to see less dressing up and more of a guy-next-door look. Let’s be honest, St. Patrick’s Day consists of green beer after green beer, so stray away from a fitted button down.

By: Catherine Gabel (@kittygabel)

Back to Crew

Fall is, in my opinion, one of the most stylish seasons. With temperatures comfortable enough to layer pieces without being hidden by outerwear, you can really let your personality come through. Although it’s bittersweet to see sweaters in store windows already, back-to-school time is the best excuse to stock up for a fresh start. J.Crew’s fall arrivals started trickling in in mid-July, teasing customers with perfectly preppy looks that it’s not quite time for yet.

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

The most versatile must-have? A cozy cardigan in a neutral shade. Whether you layer it over a dress, pair it with a flirty blouse, or just slip it over a cami and Minnies for a comfy day in the library, you can’t go wrong!

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

Next, let’s talk cashmere… specifically, the cashmere Tippi sweater. With a myriad color choices (seriously, we’re talking 5 shades of pink/purple) you can easily pair this with a fun necklace to stand out and still have your professor take you seriously (I’m talking to you, tube-top-in-class girl).

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

What better way to show off the remnants of your bronzy summer skin than a pale pink popover? Tucked into rolled-up jeans and complemented by a neutral shoe, it’s a great casual look for running around campus. Add some stand-out earrings or switch the flats for heels to meet up with friends for dinner!

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

A perfect all-American look for a chilly fall day: plaid shirt, jeans, boots, and a field jacket (a vest would be great, too!). Just grab your books and a latte and you’re ready to go!

J. Crew Review Blog - Fall Back to School Shopping

Here is another great outfit made up by three staples you can get a ton of wear from individually. If I ever have to meet with an advisor, a professor, or anyone else that I’d like to see me in a professional light, I like to dress up a little bit – but by mixing up a schoolboy blazer with a feminine top, the look is still young and fresh.

So, tell me, what’s on your list for back-to-school?



Seeing Spots

If you’re seeing spots while looking at trends for this autumn, don’t go to the doctor- it’s a good thing! Polka dots are taking over and we love it. If you are having trouble finding some dotted goodies to fill your closet with…you’re not looking hard enough, or at all! Whether you want to deck yourself out, protect your tech, or add a pop of fun to an ensemble, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.


Seeing Spots Tops


Casual tops for a relaxing Sunday, cozy sweaters for crisp Fall nights and silky blouses for the office- J. Crew is dominating in the realm of spotted shirts. Love/need them all.


Seeing Spots Bottoms


I think polka dot pants are so cute. I’m just not sure I could wear them- they are definitely the biggest statement when it comes to this classic trend. What are your thoughts? Styling suggestions? I would, however, feel completely comfortable wearing a cute dotted skirt to a family outing or the office while it’s still pre-tights season.


Seeing Spots Dresses


The best thing about the polka dot invasion is that everyone is taking part! The first and third dresses are both from Old Navy, believe it or not! If you’re looking for a piece that will last you for seasons and seasons (see the Kate Spade dress in the middle), it might not be the right place to go, but if you’re just looking to get in on the trend then the price is right!


Seeing Spots Accessories


If you’re not ready to fully commit yourself to the dot, why not just add a pop for some fun? Purses and scarves can add some visual interest to any ensemble, while a cute pair of socks or a fun pouch in your handbag are more of an undercover statement!


Seeing Spots Tech


Where Crew owns the world of shirts, Kate takes the cake in tech protection. The JCR girls believe that covering your computer doesn’t have to be boring! These options are great because they will go with any outfit thanks to their black, white, and gold color schemes!


Seeing Spots Shoes


Family trip, running errands or dinner with the girls– any of the events packing your planner can be graced with pretty, polished touches leaving people thinking “how does she always look so good?”

What are your favorite polka dot pieces for (sadly) the end of summer and start of fall? Let us know on Twitter (@JCrewReview), or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #CurrentlyCrewing to show us how you are wearing them!



August Style Guide Scan

So naturally this month’s Style Guide met my every excited expectation (after all, the fall preview is J.Crew’s strong suit). After leafing through all 135 pages the first time, what immediately tugged at my fashionista heartstrings? COLOR!, Jenna’s picks, Style Guide Tips, Twice as Nice, ladylike pleats, the prominence of polka dots… and who am I kidding? The list goes on…

Let me be the first to say that I am beyond excited color blocking is making its way into the fall season! And I am especially ecstatic about all of the beautiful jewel tones coming with it: light violets, deep blues, gorgeous jades… all very flattering and very feminine colors. My only suggestion to carry this trend into the colder months is to balance out a bright color (for example, mint toothpicks) with a more neutral or deeper shade (in cashmere or herringbone), just like on page 52:

J. Crew August 2012 Style Guide Herringbone and Yellow

I also very much enjoyed the Style Guide tips that popped up throughout this issue, and the Twice as Nice section in the middle. These two ideas are great ways to help clients better envision themselves in the pieces, provide insight, and offer other suggestions that clients may not think of themselves. Very helpful all around, J.Crew!

J. Crew Review Style Tip - J. Crew Blog
J. Crew Review Style Tip - J. Crew Blog

And for my last (but definitely not least!) favorite part of the Style Guide puzzle—polka dots! You can hardly go a page without seeing some form of pretty polkas. From cashmere to café capris, Naomi’s to Milas, this print is everywhere, and I am NOT complaining! As you will learn, I am a huge fan of pattern-play, aka sporting a little mixin’ and matchin’. Polka dots and stripes compliment each other very well, especially when paired with such chic pieces like on pages 3&4:

J. Crew Style Guide Polka Dot Shirts and Dresses Fall 2012

Even though there are too many things in the August Style Guide that I am drooling over, that is not to say I did a double take…or two.

First, dare I say it… fatigues. Yes, camouflage. I cannot say enough great things about the “Twice is Nice” section, except for no one should ever be given two ways to wear fatigues. They should be told to leave that for hunting and, well, never. I’m sure some of you probably think I am getting ahead of myself here, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a camouflage skirt hiding somewhere in the back of my closet from my preteen days, but that piece only makes it out for theme parties. When I’m desperate. I think I’ve made myself clear.

J. Crew Style Guide Camo Fatigues and Tweed

Our second faux pas is a few short pages later, in the same Twice as Nice section (p.70)! However, I am not upset with the style idea suggested. I love navy, and am wearing the color at any given time, on any given day. But under the navy boyfriend jacket, we have a dark denim button down paired with dark denim matchsticks. This dark denim-on-denim fad is just a little to Village People for me. Believe it or not, attractive ways to pull off the denim-on-denim look can be done! Pair a light chambray button down with colored toothpicks and you’re good to go!

J. Crew Review of August 2012 Style Guide

Any pieces you’re dying over in this Style Guide? Did any leave you wondering what the heck J.Crew was thinking? Tweet the @JCrewReview with hashtag #StyleGuideScan and let us know!



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My style can be defined as classic with a kick of color. I love anything chevron or stripes. I feel naked without a third piece, and you can always find me in my toffee Lila wedges. I also completely agree with Jenna when she says, “it only takes one colorful item to make a grey day beautiful–or a bland outfit sunny.” Fashion is a way to express yourself, embrace it!

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